曙 – akebono [dawn;daybreak]

February 4, 2008

Alright, the first posts’ titel sounds quite serious, but I have to admit, I don’t care. Saying: “the first” or “OMG, you guys gonna love what’s coming” is something I would not stand on my page. In fact, I’m a fan of fairly built up titels. Check some of the song titels for Muse: “Map of the Problematique, Muscle Museum, Knights of Cydonia”? What the f**ck? What does that supposed to mean? I have to think… think… think… okay, so… you get the idea.

Whatever… back to the post. This Blog has actually no purpose. I’m not writing to get fans, or be popular, or let the world know how an average fart-of-mine smells. No, this is just for fun. Just to get my fingers tired a bit, and share some random shit with the web.

So hopp on board! Cheers for all!


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