Dear God, please send them to the Sziget Festival…

February 5, 2008

So we know now that Iron Maiden will be the opening perfomer of this years most awesome happening: the Sziget Festival. Last year it was some really fun time with all the mudsurfers on the tiny island, and this year will be better for sure… you may complain that the length of the whole thing got a few days cut off, and the price will be the same as last year… but Hey, who cares? At least it’s not More than it was last year… and besides, the price of the tickets are always going up! It’s still a cheap thing if we compare it with other European festivals… truth says, last year a Belgian, a Dutch and a French guy told me the same, so it’s not me talking bullshit.
Anyways, there is an option for all fans to send their wishlist to the organizers somewhere here. Although sending your favorites is more like a waste of time, it is really kind that at least you have the option to spend minutes with figuring out who you want to see… I mean it’s better then thinking about humanrights, politics and stuff.

Anyways, my wishlist is something like this:

  1. Muse
  2. The Killers
  3. Foo Fighters
  4. The Hives
  5. Queens of the Stone Age
  6. Godsmack
  7. Asian Kung Fu Generation
  8. The Editors
  9. Emigrate
  10. Bloc Party

If at least one of them comes… I would be happy as a kid who’s getting his first very own Nintendo64

The Killers


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