MTV2 is appreciated

February 5, 2008

There are two major attractive key-factors why I’m visiting my parents on rare occasions: one; it’s fun to have a smoke-n-coffee-chitchat with my grandma. two; they have MTV2… otherwise my home visit statistics would be hitting the bottom just like Britney Spears’ career.

So basicly, it’s not a big deal. MTV2 has rock music, has Gonzo, and all the other crap which is played on the other empTVs, including the brain damaging car insurance ads from the UK… but it has NO hip-hop-pop-crap (sorry fellas at MTVBase… I just don’t like all those fools blabbering around)! Just rock music… and of course Gonzo again. I couldn’t realize how much I appreciate this channel till I’ve realised that all I have here in my appartment is MTVHungary, MTVHits and MTV Base… thank god VH1 sometimes saves the day…

Now it’s time to visit granny, pack my brain with some caffeine, have the smoking chatter, and watch some MTV2 in the background.

mtv2 logo


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