Some metal junkie is coming to Sziget Festival…

February 5, 2008

Some noname group is coming to this years’ Sziget Festival… oh yeah, it’s probably the best festival in Hungary… and the best in Europe… come and check it out this summer. If you say I’m wrong when I say it’s the best thing… you probably hate to party and regret to have fun with lots of weird people you don’t know.

Anyways, this noname group called Iron Maiden is coming… now, if you start arguing about why I called them a “noname band” in the first place… you are damn right! Because they not only rock your pants off, but it’s hell better to say “I’ve been to Iron Maiden” than “I’ve seen FallOutBoy”. This is culture! This is music! And one other thing: Probably the statistics of the attending 14-year old drunk kids will be degrading to zero… or at least, near to zero.

So I’m just gonna book this thing in my calendar. August 11. The festivals’ other five days should also be awesome, but this will be a shitload of a start! And I mean shitload in a positive way…

Iron Maiden


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