Doomsday coming…

February 6, 2008

…at least to cinemas. There were quite a lot postapocaliptic stuff in theaters in the past few years… first there was the “Nature gets angry and kicks some human ass” related material like Armageddon, Deep Impact, The Day after Tomorrow and The Core (oh, and just to mention Sunshine… that was an impressive one actually). Now nature is boring, terrorists are vay too scary for the hollywoodian eyes… so what else is out there, that gives you the shivers? Humans… yes… Zombies, Vampires, VampireZombies, GotCancerButGotCuredVampireZombies… Infectedwithsomethingveryscientificzombieswhogetverypissedandangry. Yes… they are out there. We have Legends, 28 days and 28 weeks. Next comes the hostile Scotland filled with infected punks from a SexPistols videoshoot… It’s getting a bit boring now.

But then again, here we have M. Night Shabalamayalalalan (the guy whos name is almost impossible to pronounce), and his movie: The Happening. There are no zombies here (well at least the trailer didn’t show any of them) but we have some freaked out people killing themselves… The World is Turning EMO, and you can’t stop it! Pretty impressive stuff, and Mark “MaxPayne” Wahlberg is in the front lines to find out “what’s Happening?”


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