Subway scums…

February 6, 2008

I have to travel with the subway at least twice evey day… to get to work, and to get back. Of course it’s full of people everytime I board, what else should Murphy have for me? After all these years I’ve got used to the fact that it smells like fishermans nest down there… shame, but I can’t do anything else beside pretending to be nosedeaf. But the thing which just won’t fit into my tolerance list, are the people who stand right in the door at the station, not even giving you a chance to leave the train. They climb right into your face just to be the first ones getting on the coach. And not just the teens… no I’m also talking about the elders. I’m usually polite with them. If I see that they can barely stand I exchange my seat to their standing place. But when one of these grandmas start to push me back when I’m trying to get off, just to set her bottoms in horizontal position as fast as possible, zero tolerance fills my brain. I would mark them with a tattoo saying: “Never hand over your seat for me”. Everyone needs to learn politeness…

Domo kun is on the Japanese subway woohoo


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