Thy Payment come

February 7, 2008

Happiest moment of the month: getting payed for work. Now I can go out and have the usual nonsense fun of mine: Buying DVDs. I’m looking forward to extend my Japanese movie collection with some really interesting stuff. Lucky me, one ot the publishers here are concentrating on Far-eastern material, and they have some really impressive stuff to offer. I’ve already obtained a copy of Casshern and Shinobi, and the next thing should be “When the last Sword is Drawn”. Looks to be a really tough samurai movie… oh I just love these things. My personal favorite is Seppuku (or Harakiri if that rings a bell). Great thing about that movie, is that there is actually no such thing as pure samurai swordfighting awesomeness, but a tough and deep storyline you wouldn’t expect from such material. It’s simply full of that japanese coolness…



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