Žagar is out there

February 7, 2008

I have to be honest… no-one knows Hungarian music out there, and it has a very simple reason: it sucks. Okay, I have to clear this one: Almost every tiny inch of Hungarian musical material sucks. We are full of copycat “15 minute-stars” who turn out to be celebrities for more time than they deserve. But then again we have some rare stuff that not only compete with the global products, but simply burry them in the cemetary of oblivion. Currently there are two performers here that have impressive sound in their packs: Ákos (oh yes… the guy has the same name as I do… probably that’s one reason why you can’t hate him) and there is the group called Žagar. They’re quite new to me, although being on the field for more years now, probably the reason for this is that they are more like undergroundy uncommercial type of guys. Anyways, they have some really good sound, combining live instruments with electronical boogiestuff. I’ve been to their album-presenting-concert a few months ago, and it was fantastic. I hope the Žagar-experience will reach others and not just hungarians. Fun fact is that some episodes of cult-hit-series CSI include some of their songs.


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