Obtained: KnockedUp

February 8, 2008

Yesterdays’ shopping was successful from one point of view: I’ve bought KnockedUp at last! It’s a shame that I couldn’t watch this movie in cinemas when it was played, but the wait was worth it. I love what the Apatow guys are doing, and I really like when a fucked up gang from one movie appears in another one (kinda like the Oceans thing). Seth Rogen, and Paul Rudd are one of my favorites eversince I saw 40 year old virgin (tho’ it’s a pitty that Steve Carell is not fullyfunctional in the movie, he just plays himself for a few seconds)

Anyways the movie is fantastic. Intelligent humour is combined with lot’s of “fuckfuckfucks”. It has some romance, but not way too much, I mean my DVD player didn’t start to wet when I was watching the thing. It’s funny… no… hilarious. It’s an experience, and it makes the movie good. You’re just floating with the movie while you have a great time, and you never even think about going out opening your fridge for another beer. Now all I need is the Superbad movie, also made by the Apatow crew!

I want that shit on your head kthx!


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