My Sweet Twennywon

February 9, 2008

Calendar says I’m 21 years old… but to be honest I don’t feel like that. In fact I couldn’t tell how old I am because it would be complicated to categorize my age. After highschool life has changed a lot. I’ve been to college for half a year, and I studied economics and informatics… it took me 2 months to realize that I hate economics, and I hate programming, so I quit after some struggle. Then I said to myself: why not learning something that you really like? All I need is a paper right? Then let’s learn something interesting. Then came the idea to study Japanese at the university… but it was half a year again to conclude that education is not my place anymore… I mean c’mon Japanese culture and language is cool, but you still have to learn about other useless things like antiquity, ancient philosphy, and religion… I mean who gives a shit about Assurbanipal and his gang when you are into samurais, geishas and Shinkansen? So I quit that too… just not to get spoiled, all I could do is to find a job, which I did… lucky me. Since then I’ve been here at my workplace (that was like 1,3 years ago) and I still can’t get bored of this. It’s almost like going to school since I learn a lot of things day-by-day, but in the meantime, I get a lot of experience, which is more valuable then just a piece of paper in my opinion (sadly my mom doesn’t agree). Anyways, I’m now living in an apartment, I’m handling my life with my finances. Unlike other people who I used to know still go to school, and waste money from parents. I don’t think it’s bad, on the other hand I would recommend doing this. It’s just that I’m not a part of that anymore. I look around and what do I see? Youth is wasted and dumb. They walk around in these ridiculous clothes packed with undignified hairstyles… I mean c’mon, why does everybody having the same haircut these days, wearing the same clothes? Can’t anybody be a bit more alternative? Oh, and the way of speech… I though accent is countryside related, but the real peasants are not working on fields anymore, but throwing a bunch of money out for shity gears.

I like my job, and I like to hang out with my colleagues, who are older then me. And it’s kinda funny, yet dissapointing to realize how most people from my generation behave and live. Bur it’s good to feel that I’m unique 🙂


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