Obtained: Tom Yum Goong

February 9, 2008

Another piece of greatness has been added to my dvd collection. Tony “Bonebraker” Jaa is not a real actor, but a man made of pure asskicking, and his movie called Tom Yum Goong is full of this factor. First thing I’ve noticed when seeing the films poster, was the “LoL” word in the title. Of course it’s some thai stuff, but it catched my webinfluenced eyes. Anyways, the movie is awesome. The story was probably done in 5 minutes so that doesn’t even count, but the action simply sweeps you off your feet. All the kicks, punches and acrobatic moves remind me of the old Jackie Chan movies, but instead of fun, here you get crushed bones and honestly what can be broken, Tony Jaa destroys. Pure entertainmant for the martial art fans. On my ratings board, this movie gets 8/10.

Tony Jaa likes to headfuck big guys.


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