Obtained: Takeshis’

February 10, 2008

I’m a big fan of japanese cinema, and because of this I have to know what Takeshi Kitano is all about. I’ll be honest right away, I haven’t seen too much of his work (shame on me), but I did like the Zatoichi make of his, and his weird but fine act in the Battle Royale adaptation. So… then came the Takeshis’ movie right into my palms. I couldn’t just leave it on the shelf, so I bought a copy of the movie. After reading a few reviews and opinions about it, I became interested, yet really afraid of what’s coming. You need to understand what Takeshi Kitano is about, and that is what I missed prior watching the movie. In the end… I’ll let you know.

I love puzzle movies. I really loved the Memento thing, and Chris Nolans next hit, The Prestige was kinda like my deepest experience in 2007. And then, we have Takeshis’ here. I love to think about movies while watching them, trying to put the pieces together, but this one really gave me a headache, probably because my lack of knowledge about Kitanos work. But anyways, I have to tell that I loved the movie. It’s not bad, and not great, it’s simply an “experience”. It’s full of things that can really make my movie-addicted-freak-of-nature itch. Japanese way of speaking, japanese weird humour, puzzle like scenes, and many many more. I don’t know what it’s about, I think there is actually no such thing as a story, it’s just a huge maelstrom of insanity. Just an example: In one scene you see a DJ playing on the turntable, and for one second you see him doing the same thing on a random naked womans’ boobs and tits. Weird, but yet funny in every possible way.

To be honest, I don’t think this movie was meant to be played in cinemas (they did play it here anyays, but I didn’t have time to check it out). It’s not for everyone, but only for those who like films that just freak them out with it’s puzzles and “WTF?s”. Anyways, if anyone is interested in Japanese movie culture, you need to check this out, because this is an Experience.

Takeshi Kitano on the beach companied by … the beach.


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