Garfields’ Monday morning

February 11, 2008

Today is Monday, and after a lazy sunday afternoon everything is spinning on 150% again. Many people hate to go to work, in fact the standard morning phrase is usually “God, have to go to work again…”. I consider feeling myself lucky, because the only thing I say in the morning is like “F*ck, I have to wake up” But when I had my share of coffee, or chocolate flavoured milk, I’m happy again, and ready for work.

Funny thing, because I like what I do, and they pay for that. Sometimes it is stressful, because you have to make decissions that have effect on others’ work, but usually, it’s full of fun and enjoyment

This morning I had done the usual boring administrative stuff, done a presentation for new-hires, been to the daily operations meeting, and now I’m planning for the upcoming meeting I’ll have with my team. Oh… you may ask yourself, what the hell I do… well, to be honest I don’t know. I herd cats, I build planes in the air, and run with squirels. Yes… I work in the IT industry.

And in the evening I’ll have some sushi at a japanese restaurant… just the thing I need after a full weekend made of Japanese-motion-picture goodness.

In the end, what I’m trying to say is… Mondays are hard, and Garfield is right… I hate mondays, but it’s only because I hate to wake up…


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