Obtained: When the Last Sword is Drawn

February 11, 2008

Another fine piece of japanese samurai art has been added to my growing collection of motion picture madness. Mibu gishi den is a very enjoyable material about samurai history. Although I have to admit, it can’t get close to the Seppuku experience, but it’s still one of the best sword-drawing pictures I’ve seen. It has some samurai ass kicking, but not in Azumi style where action is the boiling point. Instead of taking a violent blood bath, Mibu gishi den focuses more on it’s characters and their own stories. The “hero” Yoshimura is funny yet mysterious with all the things left behind. Humour comes first, but after we go deeper into the story, we find out how anguished his life is. Besides this, what really catched my attention was the presentation. The clothes, the places and every single little movement they make… pure cocaine for my japan-freak eyes. Although the ending is a bit longer then what most people could stand, it’s doing it’s job well and all the pieces are put together. Worth to watch for everyone who enjoyed Seppuku and love to see historical japanese stuff. Awesome culture for the eye!

After this we’ll have some Sake right? - Yeah, sure!


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