Games coming back?

February 12, 2008

I used to play a lot of video games when I was young, in fact, I wanted my parents to buy me a Nintendo 64 instead of a PC, but in the end PC was the winner… followed by a N64 a year after. I always enjoyed playing with all those awesome games like Super Mario and co. Fact is that I became Mario Addicted, I have a massive collection of Mario merch in my home, and even here in the office I have one Mario-shaped waterpistol on my desk… pretty awkward. But, back to topic. I loved videogames in those times because they were easy to understand, and in the same time, they were challenging. But after a few years, the industry grew to a huge size, and populated by video game nerds, not all games like Super Mario were fun for the majority anymore. A huge line-up of hardcore games evolved, and you just couldn’t keep up with all the speed. Games became harder to understand, and they consumed more time from your life than ever before.

Today, I’m employed, I’ve got a job, and friends. I don’t have time for playing GTA, although I would love to. I enjoy hanging out with my friends more, than playing a massive storyline based singleplayer campaign. Probably this is why I’ve chosen Wii for myself. First of all, I’m a Nintendork… no matter what, my first home console was a Nintendo, and Mario is all around me. No way I’m going to switch to Sony or Microsoft. The other reason for my choice is the fun it delivers. My friends are not gamers, in fact they never were. They were that typical neighbourhood kid, who visits friends just to play a bit of Sonic on Sega Megadrive. These people can’t play games that are hard to understand, but Wii has absolutely no complex button mashing combo system (I mean… most of the games), it’s just about Joy! Seeing your boss getting ass kicked by a girl in WiiBox is priceless.

And in the End, you can say that most of the games suck. In fact, they do. But the thing is: Simplicity is Awesome here. WiiBox, WiiBowl… next big thing I’ll need is the WiiFit balance board. (And a copy of Guitar hero…)

Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii lol kthx bye


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