Grammy has come

February 12, 2008

I love award-shows, but the only things I usually care about are the MTV hosted celebrations and the Oscar ceremony. The Grammy was never a big deal for me, but I’m always interested in the winners. Sadly I’m usually dissapointed… it’s okay, because music is a very wide topic, and there has to be an award for all genre, so it can’t be always my favorite who wins. Anyways, let me check this years winners, and nominees.

Record of the Year Award gone to Amy Winehouse… well I have to tell that this is a real dissapointment for me. I have to admit, that she has talent and voice, but the woman can’t gain my sympathy… Foo Fighters were nominated, and althought “The Pretender” is not their best track, it’s still my Grammy Award winner. Unfortunately, accompanied by such ear-killer material like Umbrella and What goes on… Comes around, I’m already happy that they even got a nomination. Being there in a gang of boring-pop-shit is really rare for such a band.

Album of the Year ended up in the hands of Herbie Hancock, who probably has the coolest name ever… I mean… HERBIE HANCOCK? You’re kidding right? That’s an awesome name… like Mclovin! Anyways, the guy deserved it.

Other thing that catched my Eye: Best Male vocal performance… for Justin Timberlake? C’mon, the guy does the same songs all the time, Originality fails with him.

Best Electric Album is at its right place: The Chemical Brothers. Justice is also a good band, but the Bros are doing a much better job this time around.

Bruce Springsteen also got an award for Radio Nowhere, and although I think he had better times, this one is also a massive track, and a very enjoyable song. Justifiable

Best Hard Rock Performance… although not rock hard, but still pure greatness: Foo Fighters! (however, if there would be a Soft Rock Performance award, it should go to Queens of he Stone age for Make it wit chu)

Other awards didn’t really interest me, I’m happy for Foo Fighters and Chemical Brothers, but what I’m waiting for is another MTV award party. Those are really awesome with the hosts, and performers.

And here is my winner of 2008, Queens of the Stone age:


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