deviantART is made of win and retard

February 13, 2008

Internet Culture is growing. We have “google it”, or “I’ll see you on Youtube”, and deviantART is no exception. The site is growing in every minute with marvelous material (accompanied by a bucket of shit)

I really love some stuff what can be found on devART. Take Kris Wilson for example: I just love webcomics, and what he does on this field is just filled with some wicked sense of humor. I’m really into this lunatic insane shit what he does.

But then again, we have some extreme retards, who should be banned from using a PC, or be equipped with some keyboard-touch-sensing attack-laser, because what they do is simply damaging for the mind. The language skills are like decreased to “thx 4 fav” “watchwatchwatch” or “luv ur pic” etc. Now… it’s good to appreciate if others are interested in your stuff, but like completely degrading to a 4 year old… nonsense. Other thing is lying. You say: “Yeah, I really love your art”, but on the otherhand you think “OMG this really sucks, but I don’t want to hurt my friends”. Because some so called “arts” are really like painted by Charlie the monkey… Grow up! Manage your art, and learn to communicate! Or an easier solution for my dumb self: Don’t read the comments…

I Think I’ll just stick with the last one and check the awesome stuff. (Kris Wilson <3)


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