Gaming Experience: Do we really need 3D?

February 14, 2008

Faster CPUs, More RAM, powerhouse graphic cards… Evolving technology gives us huge opportunities. Gaming industry is one of the best market where this evolution can be seen with your own eyes. Just look at all the pretty games that are out there: Crysis, Unreal Tournament 3 etc. All looking fabulous on a nuclear reactor fueled PCs. Everything is getting more and more real with all the new details, but sometimes I’m getting a feeling that this just kills the game…

FirstPersonShooters are okay, giving an extreme reality close feeling is really good. But in some cases, I think too much detail and too much glamour just make the games too complex and hard to follow-up on all what’s displayed on the monitor… I hate that.

Strategy games for example… I loved Red Alert 2, and now we’ll have Red Alert 3… in 3D! But why??? Why??? I hate to use hundreds of button combinations on my mouse just to rotate the screen… But okay, let’s say I find a perfect view from one point, and I don’t have to rotate or zoom anymore… the games just don’t look that good! They’ve lost a lot of the smooth with changing from drawed to rendered (unless you have a high-end pc, or lots of cash to buy one)… Give us back the 2D!

And I still haven’t talked about fighting games… Unless 2D comes back, Mortal Kombat will never be the same…

looking nice, but is this really what we need?


I want this back and improved!


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