Indiana Jones is cool once again

February 14, 2008

To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much from the new Indiana Jones movie… after all Harrison Ford was in way better shape back at the first 3 episodes, and involving Shia LaBeouf… I can’t say I was running around screaming because of being overdosed by happiness.

Anyways, after wathcing the first teaser, I’ve got excited. Looks good, and has the feeling, and the “Truckchase” scene looks funny and awesome.

You should also check it out, it’s pretty neat.

However they should still consider a title change… still worse than the new Bond movie title…

Indy is getting a bit old now… isn’t he?


  1. I liked Indiana Jones 4 (4 stars of 5 in my own notation)
    It was realeased in France today.

    The ambiance is good, the actors are all excellent, the images are really beautiful, a touch of humour, the historical period is well exposed, etc.
    I was less convinced but the story itself.

    My favourite episode is still the 3rd one.

    You should spend a nice time watching this film.

    Gimme your opinion soon.


  2. I did my post on this one already 🙂
    Enjoyed, but… I still have some weird feelings about the stuff.

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