deviantART revisited: The ups

February 15, 2008

I’ve already covered the annoying parts of devART which simply just penetrate my mind and fill my mouth with random ‘will-be-censored” words.

I just want to highlight that there are indeed really good things about devART, which can be easily enjoyed, if the comments or any retard-added-sentence don’t meet your eyesight. Here’s one very fine example of whatkind of “art” I like, you should also check it.

I love cute things (maybe because of my weird manga addiction), and this is not just cute, funny but also artistic… okay, not that too artistic, I mean I don’t want to add anything which is not “inside” the picture (God I hate it when every word of a poem is analyzed…) But I have some things that come up my mind, which is good, because it excites my creative freak-of-nature.


One comment

  1. Oh, what’s this I’ve stumbled upon? 😀 This picture looks like the work of a genius 😀 Köszi hogy beraktál :D:D Picit meglepődtem 😀

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