Sickness in progress – volume 1

February 18, 2008

Okay, yesterday I tried everything that should’ve been working, like dressing up eskimo style and increasing the population of my blankets drastically, plus drinking one glass of homebrewed alcohol to raise the temperature in every possible way… it didn’t help much (god please don’t say it could’ve been worse without this method)

A bunch of angry kindergarten kids could never drink so much tea in their whole life as I did today… yet it was still useless. But Now I’m home, and eating Tiramisu sweetness (served cold!) keeps me going on… funny thing I feel better while I’m eating this tasty-phenomena.

Next up, I’ll order some ultrapepperoni pizza, filled with all whats gonna kill the bacteria from my poisoned body… maybe I’ll have the toilet as a throne tomorrow, but this’ll surely kill some evil virus from my body!


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