Trailer watch-out episode 2.

February 18, 2008

Here we go again with all the stuff that’s going to storm our Cinemas in the coming months. Let’s not bullshit around too much, let’s see what they offer:

CJ7 – Stephen Chow acting as a responsible and good father (haha liar) gives a present to his one and only child. Instead of buying the brand new robot dog madness, he gets a flubber like alien puppie… basicly it’s Flubber for Chinese… Kung Fu Soccer was better then this ‘though…

The Forbidden Kingdom – Jackie Chan and Jet Li brawl and unite, in order to save… a kingdom… where we have chinese and… an American dude? wtf? What does this noob even doing here? Whatever… still an interesting effort from Jackie ‘though.

The Spiderwick Chronicles -Young boy finds a magical and dirty book with the default warning sign, and as every other noobcake, he opens it, reads, and unleashes something terrible… yeah… like the 12132th time by now…

The Bank Job – Jason Statham going retro-bankrobing. British accent, whore-acting princess… mother-fucking-great-britain. Gotta check this!

Summer palace – Chinese youth faces trouble while growing up. Sex meets drama. Interesting take anyways.

Priceless – Audrey Tatou got tired of cutie characters and is one money-wasting bitch now in an interesting french comedy about money and romance… and even more money.

Roman De Gare – A movie about what, and about someone who is that, but what happens is that, someone is what, and what is the that, someone to someone, from what what that… Honestly I have no idea what this movie is about…


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