Manga is the painted Hollywood

February 20, 2008

Many people think I’m crazy for watching japanese animated stuff as a 21 year old. I have no Idea what the hell they are actually talking about: “It’s like made for kids… like for mad and sick japanese kids, you know they are like the craziest culture on earth, you do right?” – Yes, in fact I’ve used to go to University studying Japanese Culture and language, but yeah, probably those are right who only know that Japanese speak Chinese… yeah, right, now give me a break.

First of all, Japanese people are weird for any European eye, but the same applies to us. Japanese think WE are crazy people… and they are right, end of question, now we can put the cultural differences behind…

Manga (and Anime, because the two are NOT the same…) is another thing tho’. Most people don’t understand, that drawing or painting something does not mean it’s made FOR kids. Take the Mona Lisa for example… would any 5 year old find that astonishing? What needs to be understood is that there can be stories for adults, which are drawn, and have extremely ADULTy content.

Now… I’m not into seeing a big eyed japanese schoolgirl running around in minimini skirts summoning a bunch of Pantyshots… but some people do, and therefor it has a right to be there… it’s “art”. Imagine The Birth of Venus painting. It’s just a painting, and it has some sort of “erotic” feeling in it. And most people digg that stuff saying that it’s “art”. Then I say Cartoon characters with pantyshot are also some sort of… art. Hentai on the other hand is sick indeed and all people who watch hentai probably lack imagination or were attacked by huge Peniscarebears when they were young.

Anyways, the proof that Japanese Animation is one of the best thing around the globe is Death Note. It has a deep storyline, and it’s full of FightClub/Prestige like plot twists. It hits you in the head, and won’t let you go. Everyone who loves movies that makes them think about “things” will surely enjoy this. Problem is that the irritating Dub usually kills the mood… I’m watching the series now for the 4th time, and it still keeps me going (but only with the original Japanese dub, that is always fantastic, now those guys really know how to talk)

death notes kira and l are like the coolest things on earth with the coolest brain


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