The 5 best things about Internet

February 20, 2008

I hear a lot of complaints regarding internet, computers and mobile technology… people say the end is near because we depend too much on our technologies, and we stop to possess our computers, because basicly, they own us by now!

I don’t really care, in fact, I feel lucky that internet exists, With all it’s ups and downs, with all the trolls and retards who should never get an account for internet, because of their IQ-consuming activities. Let’s just have here the 5 best things about internet, without being in importance order. (I wanted 10, but there isn’t like 10 things…)

Instant Messenging/Forums

Downloadable Content (Only Legal stuff! Yeah… just legal!)
+ All the Trolls, nerds, retards whose posts and comments can’t be ignored, and who give us the pleasure of laughter with all the shit that comes out of their brains, transmitted by their fingers right into a digital form of their own poo…

Do not feed the troll

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