Translating movie titles is the worst thing ever

February 20, 2008

Since Hungary is not a native-english speaking country, we are blessed with the greatest translations on earth… Some things can be translated, that’s okay, other countries are doing the same… like we have Star Wars… Krieg der Sterne… Csillagok háborúja. It means almost the same. In some cases however, you just can’t translate it in any possible way. Take The Prestige for example… The Hungarian edition sounds like: “The Perfect Trick”, which does not contain any coolness like the original title did…

And now we have Jumper… will be probably an awesome movie, and basicly I’m sitting on pins till it reaches our theaters. Now… I hate hungarian dubs… and I also hate how we translate the titles. Please hold on tight, this is going way down the bottom: Jumpers’ hungarian title is: Hyper Wanderer… Dear sweet god, what have we done? Plese don’t punish us with such miserable pain!

Lucky for us, they didn’t gave Cloverfield another title… it’s just cloverfield… imagine if they would actually translate this. It’s a movie about a godzilla like creature totally owning NewYork while a bunch of teens run around screeming… so the title should be… about clovers… and fields… and nature… and wow. What’s in cinemas? – I dunno, this thing about clovers and fields… wanna see that? – What’s it about? – About… clovers… and… fields… like… romantic stuff… dunno, wanna see that? – No! Let’s check Hyper Wanderer!

Every superhero needs a vehicle

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