Wii… Excellent… ’nuff said!

February 21, 2008

I just realized that I got back my Wii… *insert random Wii-mistaken-for-penis-joke here*. I’m not playing a lot with it, but I can’t say it was money thrown out of the window, because if I have to compare it with all my previous systems (all nintendo ofcourse <3) it has an own magical power!

The Proof that the big N-s new system is the most awesome thing around is that there is always someone who is very kind, very cute, and very polite with me… just to ask the most common Wii-related question: “I Can haz it Borroed, right?” – Yeah of course you can…

Everyone takes the stuff away… if its here for like two weeks in a row, its like eternity. Everyone is happy after playing it, and the best is: they don’t play it alone! Wii is the ultimate party system beside Karaoke, Guitar Hero (Which exists on Wii btw), Multimillion dollar sound system, and alcohol… yeah. Ingredients for a great party: Alcohol, Music, Beer (it’s not alcohol, i’ts beer!) flatscreen TV, and a Wii (or Guitar Hero…). One of my colleagues said that his mom, dad, brother, sister cousin, uncle Moke played it for hours and they had the greatest time since watching Dallas on TV together… yeah…

I’ve already tested it on my mom after purchasing it a year ago, and omg can you believe that my Mario-allergic female-parent beat the shit out of me in Wi-Tennis? (okay so I’m lame and mom rulz hahaha…).

One thing for sure, I like to play games, but only a limited number of pure-coolness got added to my addiction gallery throughout the years: Super Mario, Unreal Tournament, Prince of Persia (Ubisoft edition) and now, the Wii itself… I want moarr!

And yeah, you can’t deny it… Wii is the a White box packed with your genitals… fun to play with it… even more fun in multiplayer…

wii is familii

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