Getting the kick out of Terrible Movies – Alien vs Predator 2

February 24, 2008

There must be some kind of disturbance in science caused by all the people who have the skills and free mind to enjoy the worst movies ever created. I’m not talking about the people who actually say “yeah, this movie is good.” I’m talking about those who say “this movie s**ks” But in the meantime, they had great fun in the theater…

I just love the old Alien movies! I have a Queen Chestbuster plushie, she usually keeps the badguys away… Anyways, the first Alien vs Predator movie was humiliating, and the whole crew who created the movie literally raped the aliens in their big fucking long heads…

And now we have the sequel here… I knew from the very first minute that it’s gonna be a huge mindfuck, but I took responsibility for my mental health, and bought tickets with my friends.

Let’s just say, that the movies’ negatives are also it’s positives…. Logic simply fails with this one, but that makes it enjoyable, if you are willing to laugh because of your own distress: It takes like half a day for a chestbuster alien to become a full grown walking grindhouse. The characters are sooo painfull to watch… not their deaths, but how they live. The guy in the lead role looks like David Hasselhoff. There are huge canals under a city which is the middle of nowhere. The Predators’ “Pepsi Blue” liquid, which cleans up every smudge and the dead bodies, never runs out… oh and bytheway, Mr Predator is cool, but why is he always cleaning up the tracks, however at one time, rips off a humans skin, and hangs the body in the woods, like saying:”I’m here and I’m gonna fuck you all”???

Anyways, accompanied by some friends I had a great time. Commenting all the shit that penetrated our eyes was fun indeed… sad… but funny.

predatorkicks alien ass yeey

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