Service without listening? Uhh…

February 24, 2008

I work in the Service Delivery section of life… here we have one and only one rule: The Client/Customer rulz and ownz. Everyone who works in this type of section must understand that the most essential part of the job is to listen to the person who gives money for the service. I still can’t understand how can some companies hire people who have no idea what the word listening means, and whos’ mind is full of psychedelic shit…

The most disturbing experience regarding this is when I visit one of the junkfood supply spots, hoping to receive some tasty nutriments… I know how they work, I worked for like a month in that stupid yellow-red clowns’ restaurant, I know what must be told and what must be done… this is why I always state that I want to eat the stuff IN the restaurant and I’m not going to take it away… also I always say if I want the Superextraultramegasize version of the menu, or a simple plain and humiliating version of it… oh, and the bbq sauce… Now, let’s have my recent conversation here (but basicly it’s almost the same every day…):

– Hi, how can I help you? (default robotic phrase, which actually has no sense, since the answer is almost always “Gimme’food!!!’)
– Hi, I would like to order one Royal menu in superduppersize with a Diet Coke, with one bbq sauce and two cheeseburgers, oh… and please pack it, I’ll take it with me.
– Would you like to have the drink and the french fries in larger size?
– Yes… I told you that I wouldlike to have it in superduppersize…
– Ok, and with Coke?
– Diet coke…
– Would you like to have some ketchup?
– Yes… but… not ketchup… BBQ sauce please…
– And you’re eating it here?
– No… I want it packed please…
– 5 euros then sir.
– So cheap? Didn’t you forget the two cheeseburgers?
– 7,25 then sir.
– Thanks…

And in the end of course the bbq sauce was not there in the bag…

I hope mario gonna kick this morons ass…


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