No Country for Old Oscar

February 25, 2008

There we go, ’08 had it’s Oscar award ceremony, we have the winners, and tears and joy, and endless thankyouformyparents. Let me state right now that I never really care about the Oscars, most of the movies I like never even get to ring the doorbell of the small golden statue. Where was 300 and Prestige last year? They did deserve at least one award…

Okay, so let’s see what we had this year (without all the awards which don’t really matter to me)

Best Motion Picture is No Country for Old man, but basicly the whole ceremony focused on the Coen brothers’ masterpiece. I’m interested in Javier Bardems’ act, he also got the award for Best Supporting Role.

What I’m frustrated about is Johnny Depp… I love Sweeney Todd, and I would’ve given him the Oscar even without seeing the thing. But only those get the award who act überdramatic and make people hate and love them in the same time…

Best Actress is Marion Cottillard, which is acceptable for me but I expected Ellen Page to take the fame home.

Anyways, some happiness for my tears: Sweeney Todd took award away for it’s Art, and Bourne Ultimatum received 3 (random Effect related things, but the effects do kick ass in the movie.)

In the end, this was the 80th Oscar awards ceremony… not much happened, but there we had it. Hope to see good movies this year too.

Oh, and one thing… Wii was there (wonder how much it cost for Nintendo to have this on air live)


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