Pop vs Culture

February 26, 2008

I just did an interesting test on Google. Okay it’s not really a test ‘cos it mainly took like 0,21 seconds to summon the outcome of this diffcult and extremely useless observation. I searched for the word “Franz Ferdinand” and checked if there was anything related to the World War One Celebrity… but unfortunately no… I also searched for the word with a “wikipedia” extension since they offer a huge amount of info on like everything (even on Chucks’ beard, and how Giraffes’ hairstyle effects the global wombat-producing industry…). This Time we had a “winner”. Although the unsurprisingly beloved band got the first site, the second one listed was about the historical Franzy.

Some people say that culture is getting more and more stupid… that’s a fact. And internet has a great job in doing this… That’s not correct. Okay, so… Franz Ferdinand as a band is all over the net, and the Historical character is like “nowhere”. But let me put it this way… If you are clever enough, you open up a book, or know how to search for the guy, but anyways, most schools teach this way before you whipe you’re mind with Internet… you should know who he was without doing any “googleing”. And anyways, the Band is cool, it’s more likely that I’m gonna search for them… which is a sad fact because I’m looking for Pop, and not Culture…


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