Obtained: The Bourne Ultimatum

February 28, 2008

It’s here, finally I have it… and now the collection is finalized! All the three Bourne movies are sitting on my shelf, and they look really awesome! I really love the series and beside the Star Wars Prequel trilogy, this is also one of those few movies that get more awesome with the newer episodes… unlike other trilogies where we have terrible follow ups, and money-pulled-out-of-the-pocket feeling… However, The Oceans trilogy is a different thing, because watching the first episode gave that really cool feeling, then the second one actually felt like having a dog shaving your balls, but the third iteration was full of the first overwhelmed coolness… but back to Bourne, the third episode is still on track… you just sit on rollercoster in the beginning, and have lot’s of sweet candy thrown into your mouth while riding… which is cool btw. The movie just can’t stop being cool. Bourne is said to be a killing machine, but instead his reaching to the hights of Chuck Norris regarding awesomeness (but of course Chuck would stab Matt Damon with his pubic hair…). I was also really happy that they didn’t spam us with a bunch of romantic stuff… there is “something” there with Julia Stiles, who is pretty btw, but basicly no kiss, no sweet words… it’s just tension.

Anyways, there are also some flaws with the movie. If it weren’t for Wikipedia, I would have NO idea how and why did David Webb become Jason Bourne. In the movie he is just tortured randomly, then shots a guy as a last effort… why? Why Why? No one knows… it’s not detailed… but anyways, the movie is great, and a must see. The Whole series is a must own for all who like CIA and Spy movies, and in the same time, they like to see how corrupt the Spy-guys are.

Bourne is watching you!!! hahaha


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