Stickleg action – played soccer again

February 28, 2008

I’m a huge fan of soccer although it’s basicly just 22 guys running around for one ball… But I love the feeling of scoring, the view when you make someone sit into the swing, and the noise of the bystander’s clapping. I haven’t played it for like half a year now, and yesterday I was running around with that huge gap in my legs. But lucky me, everyone was playing like that. Sticklegged action as we say… It was fun, but I had to realize that some improvement plans have to be made if I want to get back in shape.

– I should quit smoking – like hell I will???
– I should go out sometimes and do jogging – Time for that??? No…
– I need to practice more – the more I play, the better I get, no further things needed.
– I should quit smoking – hahaha…


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