Sweeney Sweetie… or Sour Todd?

February 29, 2008

Yesterday I had the chance to check out how the Fleet street’s Demon Barber slices throats and fills the theater with blood. I was really waiting for this, and I got really excited about the movie, but I think I had my expectations way too high. Although Johnny Depp is playing like most America saver action heroe, like Bruce Willis and Arnold the Governator by wearing the same face all the time, he still deserved the Golden Globe for best actor, and the Oscar should be also sitting on his shelf…

But the movie is like the grocery on the streets corner… it has some apples, berries, and all what’s sweet and nice, and also some sour shit which give a flavour to what you cook… but if you don’t have the taste for sour stuff you’ll probably dislike the them all… Anyways, with all it’s ups and all it’s downs, I liked the movie, but I didn’t love it. The Art is fantastic, the blood is funny, could be “Kill Turpin” instead and we have another Tarantino masterpiece… the humor is very unique at some times (because of the raining blood, and the falling crashtest dummies). Basicly, 3 characters from the movie take all the highlight… Depp, Helena and Borat simply sweep everyone away, including Alan Rickman (who is playing well, but that’s only coming out from his smallest finger… it’s rutine).

And we have the flaws… the songs can get really annoying at times… when singing the same line for about the 20th time is extremely frustrating and feels like having a dogs cunt pushed into your face… hearing “I feeeeel youuuuu” over and over again is the earfuck of the century. Because of the long songs the pace can be dead slow and the movie might get boring for a few people.

And then there is the major plot twist in the end which is like a teenagers first ejaculation… it feels good, but it won’t last for long, just comes and goes… it’s not detailed enough it just “Happens”.

Anyways, I have the feeling that I’ll need to get a straight razor on my own… out of ten, this is a seven for me.

sweeney is waiting hahaha

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