My MMO Life

March 2, 2008

I’ve never been a huge fan of MMO games, although I love every tiny bit of Multiplayer mayhem. I used to do some clangaming back when I was like 16. Then Last year I got addicted with one MMO RPG, which was more than lame compared to huge hit and coolness like World of Warcraft. This was Maplestory, a free sidescrolling cute game with manga-like characters running around killing mushrooms and boars and other weird creatures like a giant green nose-goo… it was made of tons of fun, I loved it in the beginning, but after almost 2 months of intense gaming I reached lvl 24 (100+ lvls exist in this game omg…) then I quit the whole thing. It was no more fun, because everything slowed down, I couldn’t reach lvl 25 within 2 weeks, and it was really annoying that the game took 3-4 hours away from my life and I was nowhere… At this level, the whole phenomena was just not made for me anymore… okay, you make some virtual friends but in my oppinion, 2 beers in the pub with live-action friends is more entertaining then a 4 hour team-quest… Okay, so probably World of Warcraft has different gameplay and I should try that too, but I don’t want to pay for something I don’t wanna do more than 2 times a week…

And now, we’ll have Battlefield Heroes.. a free game, with tons of fun and awesomeness… I got really excited about the game after watching the trailer… it seems that it is just made for me! Thanks EA, this is your first good pull after a long time… So… who’ll be there with me when the war begins?


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