Karaoke funtime

March 3, 2008

Karaoke is from Japan, and it is made of fun… and like almost every tiny inch of japanese fun, we have a western version of those things here (but basicly, it’s all around the world, and they usually call Wii and Guitar Hero the next “karaoke-thing”).

I really like karaoke, because it is fun, however I have to admit, I don’t like to sing in front of a gang of strange drunk people who I don’t know, because that is how the whole thing is available here. You go into a pub or restaurant, sign yourself on the list of dumbass people who would like to humiliate their souls by pretending to be singers, although the musical skills only match with a mean spartan’s teddybear sewing skills.

But we got lucky now, because a traditionally Japanese kareoke place has opened, where you pay for a room, where you can make fun of yourself only in front of those who you know.

We went to this place called “miyabi“, and the whole thing was filled with JAP. Even the remote controller was having Japanese signs on it, and the book-of-songs (the bible haha) was also in Japanese, so it was hard for “kanji-virgin” people to encrypt the whole thing… (although, almost everyone had Kanji-experience before) But after knowing how the things go, there was no ending… going way down to the bottom with things like Metallica, Sex Pistols and Foo Fighters, we had a really fun time.

Oh one thing still applies to the karaoke phenomena… you have to be drunk to be the ultimate rock star, period!

this is the battlefield of drunk rockstars!

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