Another take on what’s good music

March 4, 2008

Okay, so I’m really a Hungarian music hater, because I think it sucks and stuff… yeah, and I only like 2 bands from this country, but if I think about it’s, the numbers are actually higher than that…

Last week friday I’ve been to Neo’s concert, which was one of my favorite bands a few years ago, then I’ve lost track of the whole thing, they changed style and bandmates, so you know the usual stuff when you loose interest in something and nothing can revive the feelings towards them.

But now, I’ve been to the concert and it was filled with all the cool sounds they used to deliver years ago. Something like Zagar, they also have some very funky electronic sounds allied with live instruments, and a beautiful female vocal performance.

However I have to note, that the guy who plays the guitars now is like a composed clone of Anthony Kiedis from Red Hot Chili Peppers and Slash from… you know ( I don’t want to say Guns n Roses, cos he’s in slamming in Velvet Revolver now, but the Guns are more memorable for most, although Axl Rose is an asshole in my oppinion…). Anyways it was funny how he acted on the stage… this is what I like… It reminded me about last years Eagles of Death Metal concert, where the air was full of the pure joy and excitment of Jesse Hughes, you could see how much fun he had while being on the stage.

But back to Neo. They still make awesome music, and revisiting something I liked years ago brought back good memories… When’ll be the next concert???


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