Fast food, killer or filler?

March 4, 2008

yammmeeeeyammeeeeI’m not that healthy eating type of person although I swore that I’ll start to eat healthy stuff on a regular basis once I move from my current apartment… Wonder how that’ll turn out.

But currently, eating in McDonald’s and Burger King is happening more than twice a week… okay… almost 4 times a week. It’s quite much, but in some cases when I get home late, or I have less spare time to eat good healthy food, I have no choice but to choose the good old junk made by the Clown and the King (Sometimes Subway comes in the way, but that’s way more expensive than the other two). But lucky me I manage to get a hold of the thing with some trainings (like the reborn soccer playing stuff)
Anyways, I’ve found a pretty interesting vote on Scott Johnsons blog about which fastfood burger is the best. Which one would you vote? (I took Burger King, they make larger meatbusters than McDs, and they have more content like Tomato and salad added)

Hate it, or love it, sometimes there is no other choice…


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