Attack of the Music Clones: The Thethesss

March 6, 2008

Although there are some pretty awesome exceptions, some of the current musical line-up lacks something which is the basic part of all artistic sounds: Creativity and Ideas…

It’s not a new thing, so this complaint will probably last for only another year, but the music scene is currently filled with a bunch of bands who had no better idea than searching for a BandNameGenerator on the internet… the results? Almost every second rock band has a name now which starts with “The”, adds a word in Plural form then picks up a random team member with emostyle black hair and produces musical material which was done by a million other bands… No Please! Enough of Shitty “The WecouldntcomeupwithapropernamesowepickedarandomwordinpluralS”…

I don’t give a damn about crappy music… I can change the channel whenever I want, I don’t need to do a search on them on youtube, so it shouldn’t have an effect on me at all. But they take space and airtime away from what’s good…

I check MTV2 at granny’s on a regular basis, and although it’s filled with britpoprockwhatevers, it still has the best line-up… but then again, when I see some of these crappy bands (who have maybe 1 or 2 good songs but nothing more) I would rather kill the TV.

It’s really hard to find some great material like Arctic Monkeys, Kasabian or Editors… because those are good.

Anyways, some still deserve airtime because they are cool and I can still change channel if I want to… that is freedom. But dear sweet god, Next Big Hit band out there! Please come up with a proper name! (and also pay a haircut for the guitarist or whoever the guy is with the Emo hair…)

What’s with the haaaaiiiirrr???

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