Monotonity Ownz you

March 8, 2008

I really need some days off now… Sadly the law doesn’t give me more then 20 days off for the whole year, which is really “not enough” if you think about what’s coming this year… There will be sziget festival, which takes like 5 days away, then a 2 weeks mexico funtime, and there are the holidays in the end of the year. But I really need a day off in the coming weeks because there has to be at least one portion of 24hours when I don’t have to think about work, and when I can just sit down and do stuff I usually don’t have time for. All weeks are like the same for more then 3 months now… There are the 5 weekdays consisting the scheduled meetings, tasks, the 2 times soccer events, the usual beer-drinking-get-togethers and so on. Then weekends are the same also: Beer-guitarhero-beer-party-music-beer-seeparents-smokeandchatwithgrandma etc.

At least one day I need now to just sit down, get over with Super Paper Mario, Buy me some new shoes, play random sounds with the guitar, watch like 4 movies in a row on dvd… yeah, I kinda want that to happen.


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