Where to now, Guitar Hero?

March 9, 2008

Let’s admit it, Guitar Hero is stuck… it’s almost at the peak of it’s success, and there might be no more way up. Like dance dance revolution, there is not much space now regarding creative content, and you have to own a powerfull mind to come up with something new.

We have evolved to Rock Band, but that is completely different from the GH series… it’s not that deep and fun without company… GH is also a party game, where it’s more fun to play with others, but you can still have some awesome minutes alone.  The problem s that there is not much to do anymore… What’ll happen to GH4? It’ll probably be a major success… but then there could be way down for the franchise… just new music, but no new gameplay, which could lead to the death of the series.

Activision, please take over the idea of the Rock Band Guitar and include the extra tabs on the lower part of the guitars neck! And rethink the battle mode… it’s a good idea with good potential, but this Mario Kart style “kick-the-others-ass-with-random-useless-fuckups” is not the way it should be…

Oh and if possible please implement a freeplay/solo feature, when you just play randomly… so you could imitate the feeling of a real encore when most of the guitarists just play random riffs that they just came up with.

Like I really love the riffs Matt Bellamy delivered in the end of ’04 Earl’s Court concert after they played Stockholm Syndrome… it was not part of the song, but it was one awesome stagecrashing shitness!

matt plays, matt ownz

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