Against the Wave of Sh*t: watching crap movies

March 12, 2008

The very first thing I build my opinions on regarding a movie is the teaser or the trailer video. However these can be like a bunch of lies made up by superb pscycho minddiggers… they know what you want! They know what you need, and they show you how a bowl of dog spit can be as interesting as Bruce Willis saving the world for the 23723th time.

I’ll be out to watch Jumper soon. It has an awesome trailer. Has everything you need. Interesting base-story with the teleporting DarthVader, the freaky hear Samuel L. Jackson, and Jamie Bell coughing some funny moments.

But the critics say it all: The movie is made of sh*t and fail. The story is like mortal kombating against a basic Disney animated family movie’s story, and loses in the end getting Fatalitied by Mickey Mouse… the characters are there doing nothing, just failing all the time etc. Those who understand movies say it all: It’s crap!

On the other hand, in some cases bad movies can be enjoyed by those abnormal people who lack interest in artistic cinematic material… In some cases I’m one of them.

Take Die Hard 4 for example. I admit it, the movie as a cinematic piece sucks. But I loved it, with all it’s flaws and insane stuff (plane-riding is old man… old… the Governator did that waaay back there)

So, I’ll check the Jumper thing… all odds are against it, but I have to see it!

Sam says it all… motherfucking jumpers!

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