Ice age vs Dinosaurs! O… M… G…

March 12, 2008

Like all the things that can produce money, Ice Age is getting another sequel… the Third Age of cold frozen water will feature none other than… oh yess! The Dinosaurs! Jurassic Park crossed with Ice Age… full of ideas these guys are!

Dawn of the dead… I mean dinosaurs”

I mean what the hell were they thinking? Did some king lizards get ice capsuled during the ice age? Then after the whole thing melt down they are injected with life again? And so… now they are back to… wake up at dawn? Isn’t this like some psychotic time and interdimensional shit? Like we thought that the Ice Age was first and then came humanity, but on the real hand we are just sleeping in reality, and the truth is that Humanity is going to be pwnd by tigers equipped with large teeth, than they’ll get their share of the grave from the Dinos, and in the end, all the remains are amoebas? Like Time Reversed Dimension? What the hell… get real plz…

Anyways… it’ll probably be a must see. As always.


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