Darth Vader Vs Samuel L. Jackson, Round 2: Jumper

March 13, 2008

So I checked out Jumper as planned, and despite all the shit that was written about the movie, I had a good time. My expectations were low thanks to all the bad reviews the movie got, but to be honest: I think this Jumper thing has potential.

Lord Vader… Jjjjjuuumpp!

It kinda feels like the very first Star Wars movie. Let’s admit it, compared with the other movies from the far-far away galaxy, the first one was bullshit. It was the very first brick in the franchise, and that is why it is important. It had a lot of flaws, but it was enjoyable, and the whole world that was born with it is the most amazing one ever. That’s why nobody cares if it had issues… it gave us the coolest stuff out there: Darth Vader, Force, Jedi, LightSabers…

So now we have Jumper here… with a lot of questions, and almost no answers, a minor storyline, and a bunch of characters who don’t really show their true power. What’s with Griffin? What’s going to happen to Roland? What about David’s Mom? Pure StarWars my friends… and I really hope we’ll see a far-better sequel. As Jedi are Cool, so is Jumping!


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