Why caring about stats, numbers and data?

March 14, 2008

I have a very useless hobby, namely: checking the hardware sales of the current console generation… why? Don’t ask, I’m just interested…

they fight, you cheer

It’s pretty useless to check these numbers on a weekly basis… seriously, why? There are multiple sites giving you all the data about the shipments and stuff (vgchartz is probably the best looking). But it really doesn’t make much sense to check these numbers… I mean, I’ve already bought a Wii, I should be happy about the fact that good games are coming for it, and that’s it. Why to be a fanboy, why cheering about the sucky data PS3 produces, and the lack of success for Xbox360 in the Jap region?

One reason might be that I’m also working part-time in the gaming industry and I have to be up-to-date with what’s going on with those who make games. But on the other hand, it’s like politics… you have to see all aspects in order understand which “party” you choose (or… all aspects of the force… right there Mr Palpatine?). I chose Wii for it’s past, and also, for it’s potential (which is not on surface yet, developers should digg more into the stuff than they do now). I cheer for Nintendo to succeed, because I see what path they are walking now, and it makes more sense to me, than what the others do. It’s all about money, everyone wants that, and this is how it’s okay. But as an Owner of a Console, I have to know what’s coming. If a console is at the edge of it’s existense, it’ll mean it was thrown-out-money.

Anyways, what I’m really trying to get my mind on, is that it’s almost like soccer… although you can’t really “sell video games”, you can still “like” a team and cheer for it. People like to attach their feelings to stuff that compete against other things…

It really won’t give you more… watching soccer will never reach the same level of fun-factor as playing it, but rooting for a “brand” can be also “fun”. It gives you confidence when you see that the party you chose is winning.


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