The way Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift should’ve been

March 16, 2008

I really liked the Fast and the Furious series, but the third installment was only fun because of it’s Jap setting. I just got a DVD from my friend, which is also about car racing, but is based on the Japanese Anime: Initial D.

initial D is something made of pure awesome

The movie is based in Japan, but with Chinese actors, speaking chinese. Initial D is way more cooler than Tokyo Drift, because it’s characters are way too cool to be true… There are no fake yakuza bad guys, just plain racers who just like to race. It’s in their blood, it’s what they live for… plain and cool, everyone is laid back and they don’t wreck their own car after a humiliating defeat, going for a made rage swearing to get their revenge.

Another reason why Initial D is bringing the fatality finish off for Tokyo Drift is because of it’s visuals. There are like only a few seconds of CGI, and all the races are looking real and smell fresh. The cars are not highly tuned up “averagecan’taffordthisshit” superwagons. Just… cars.

Anyways, the only thing I wanted mention as the negative side of the whole material was the “romantic” side story of the movie, but in the end it settles this one good. No lovefluid filled shitness is flooding your screen… you would expect the usual “we-brake-up-because-you-made-a-mistake-but-oh-no-let’s-get-back-together” kind of story, however the guys who wrote the screenplay probably forgot about the thing and came up with the easiest way of concluding this side: Doing nothing. It sounds weird how this can be great, but it’s something you shouldcheck out for yourself.



  1. I don’t know what it is but 80% of the time asian actors come off cool in their roles.

  2. I don’t know how they do that really… sometimes it fascinates me how much “cool” they can deliver only by staring at nothing 😀

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