Day-Off – summary – Hunt for the white converese

March 18, 2008

I couldn’t really keep up with the pace yesterday, so I didn’t manage to publish all the experience that struck my face during my day-off from work.

I played some Wii just to boost the fun, but like at 13:00 I went out to the Plaza just to check out what shit does the consumerworld try to rub in my face…

I checked out the usual DVD stuff without much success. Then I head over to my original destination: the shoeshop, just to check out what converese shoes they offer. Since my favorite shoe-brand became 100 year old this year (oooh yess, smell the ages!) I decided to retire my old white (maybe more like grey now) Chuck Taylors and get me a new pair. Unfortunately, finding another white-low shoe wasn’t that easy… I found one in the shop which would’ve been cool… but there was a small PINK tongue behind the original one (you know, this doubletongued shit which’s existence I can’t really understand but whatever…) So in the end I had to travel to the other end of the city, just to check out what’s on stock there… I’ve left with a Herold and Kumar goes to White castle DVD, which means that the shopping was successful out there, but still… no new shoe.

My new love… but still in original shape without black lance

So I traveled back to the city, to check my last hope: the small converse shop in the center. I had luck this time, and obtained my new Chuck Taylors… pure white… aaah the feeling. Then I went home to make the usual modifications (changing the white lance to black… omg, how alter…)

Happy Birthday Converse! We love you and will always do! Now it’s time to party our legs off!


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