The next Best-of compilations to be Guitar Heroes?

March 18, 2008

As the next expansion of Guitar Hero draws closer and closer, some things come up my mind. GH3 will have a modified version dedicated to Aerosmith, and will feature all the very best songs of Steve Tyler and co. Basicly you’ll be Guitar Heroing yourself from the early years of the band till the peak of their popularity, playing all the songs they produced in the past decades.

There are some rumors out there about a possible Beatles Guitar Hero… I personally think that the idea would be really great indeed, in case the softwares wouldn’t cost more than a boosted Concert DVD (20 euros for the Double disked Franz Ferdinand DVD is promising… but I still have to think about it…)

Grohl Baby come to GH please!

So… let me just think, which bands I would love to see as a new expansion to Guitar Hero…

Metallica – definately, lots of great songs, lots of years full of experience!
Red Hot Chili Peppers – since Suck my Kiss was one of my favorite GH songs, and there are even more awesome stuff they’ve done, a RHCP GH is a must!
Muse – yes, please! Knights of Cydonia is like the most entertaining GH song for me! Give me Hysteria, Give me Stockholm Syndrome! Muscle Museum… please.
Godsmack – They have lots of heavy stuff and I would be more than glad to play some of those in GH.
Foo Fighters – Monkey Wrench… period! Must have!

Yeah… like that would be more then enough. I would have smile on my face seeing The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, Kasabian or Jimi Hendrix, but since they don’t have that much material (okay, Jimi probably does), they still need a couple of more years to produce a GH DVD fitting experience.

Any other ideas out there?



  1. I’m not too into guitar hero, i play “the actual” guitar every day, but I wouldn’t mind them making a beatles GH. That’d be sick!

  2. QOTSA
    The prospect alone brings tears to my eyes.

  3. You know, I was also thinkin about them actually… 3s and 7s was great in GH3, and I would love to see much more QOTSA maybe as Downloadable content.

  4. One reason I got Rock Band were the 3 Queens downloadables for a total of 4 tracks. Same for Metallica. I’m disappointed that GH3 hasn’t kept up with the downloads as well.

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