Been to concert… funny feelings…

March 24, 2008

Saturday was partially family easter day, we usually have a dinner on Saturdays and a lunch on sundays when easter hits the house. But I couldn’t take more than just having the dinner, I had to hang out, since it’s saturday, like the only day on the week when you are able to wake up late, and go out late, then arrive home late (plus being drunk a bit), and you still don’t have to worry about an early wake up the next day… saturday is like the perfect day of the week.

Anyways, I went down with my friends to this rock club thing, where lots of fine rock madenss was expected. But to receive the guitar smashing heaven, we had to stand through a pretty odd concert… brought to us by the band called Drugzone.

I have to admit, these guys (and the girl as lead vocals) have good music… not really good, I can’t remember even one riff I heard, but it wasn’t that boring. The singing was fine, the lyrics were not more than average darky stuff, but it was good to hear. Nothing more nothing less… it was just the usual two letter quality: O K.

Now, the problem starts with the bands image, and the people who build up the fandome… I really feel irritated by these black lord vampires of darkness running around… It’s really hard not to be tickled by the laughter when you see these people. Feels tooo fake to me, I mean this whole phenomena is too far from me… plus, the filler speech the vocalist Linda Daemon presented was more like the corporate bullshit of the dark side… “We are going to die… everyone lies to us, don’t believe anyone blablabla”, I heard these a million times. I missed the “happy” songs, but since this style is not about happyness at all… well that’s it then. If someone likes this it’s okay, it’s just a style, at least these people don’t harm anybody. I was like standing there in my white converse shoes (no, not the Chucks, just my old pal OneStar), with my regular jeans and shirt, and although I had the feeling of “not belonging here” no one actually gave me the idea that I should get the hell out… this is a bonus indeed.

So in the end it was fun, because after the concert there was the RockDisco kinda thing, there they played like everything that’s listed in my current Winamp Playlist. But I just had to wait too much till this arrived, and we gave up really early (1 o-clock). But it is was fun and that’s what matters.


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  1. They are pretty decent.

    cool post.

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