So what’s all the hipe with this Juno?

March 28, 2008

I’ve been waiting quite a lot for Juno to arrive in theaters. We are very fortunate around here, ‘cos waiting for most Movie stuff is essential part of the movie-fandom… bleh. Anyways, the movie is available so I couldn’t hold my self back anymore and checked it out.

Hey gilr!

Juno is a very good movie, period. It deserved that Oscar, no questions about it, but I have to admit, Ellen Page does overact her part sometimes, but it’s not even close to the annoying-factor. All the characters, all the dialogues are just made of pure Kindness. The Movie has a very nice nature, gives a very nice feeling. It’s just simply good to watch for all those who like these character based nondramatic dramas. It has some romance, and also some pretty good humor is packed with it. Basicly the dialogues bring the most entertainment.

Also, the soundtrack gives you a bonus amount of enjoyment. There is no question that this movie is a must see for all who like good movies.

One thing I’m afraid of is Michael Cera’s acting… he is just made to be a loser, and I’m afraid he’ll stay like this… but oh well…



  1. I kind of enjoyed this spoof of Juno done for a high school advanced English project.


  2. Juno is a fantasy. She would not just “get on” with her life as if nothing happened. It just doesn’t work that way. It is a worrying message to send out to people that you would get over your child’s adoption as if it were a cold. You just don’t.

  3. I have to agree with this… probably this is why I felt a bit awkwardy in the end.
    But it would’ve been just “another” Hollywood movie if they keep the child in the end…
    Hmz… maybe a less happier ending would’ve been better.

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