Deception – Wolverine,Obi Wan, Sex Drugs and rocknroll

April 3, 2008

I’ve checked out apple.com as usual for the newest trailers out there, but it seems everyone is doing some kind of lame maintenance because youtube is acting like the entertaining-snail of the day… which is definately NOT entartaining, because you have to wait for like 20 minutes to check out a promising AMV (as in Anime Music Video), but after 5 seconds you’ll see that it’s just another boring shitty effort of a 10 year old who just found Windows Movie Maker on the pc… on the other hand apple’s trailer section is just simply the successful “play-dead” dog, but he’s doing it way too much, and is more dead than alive.

But back to the topic, I’ve found the movie called Deception, having the same effect as the Prestige trailer had on me back then last year. You take Hugh Jackman, add another cool guy (Obi eWan McGregor) and put them in a totally WTF situation accompanied by hot ladies… but in the case of deception this once adds more Sex to it, because the main part of the story is about a thrilling game thing with a list and a bunch of sex. To be honest I have absolutely no idea what this film is about but since two of the many favorite actors of mine are going to be wearing cool clothes telling cool phrases, it will be a must see for me once it reaches cinema.


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